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Best ROI Home Improvements for Your Home

Deciding on the best ROI home improvements can be a challenging task for homeowners. You want to add value to your home, enhance its appeal, and most importantly, see a return on the investment you've made. According to Renofi, the national average ROI for home remodeling projects is around 70%. So, which improvements offer the best returns? This article aims to explore this question in detail.

Evaluating Average Returns on Investment by Home Improvement Projects

Before you jump headlong into a remodeling project, it's important to understand the average return on investment (ROI) for different home improvements. The table below outlines the average ROI for various remodeling projects, according to Remodeling by JLC.


Avg. ROI %

Midrange Bathroom Remodel


Minor Kitchen Remodel


Major Bathroom Remodel


Major Kitchen Remodel


Garage Door Replacement


Wood Deck Addition


Replace Windows


Home Improvement Projects that Elevate Your ROI

Revamping the Kitchen

One of the best return on investment home improvement projects you can undertake is a kitchen remodel. A minor kitchen remodel, involving simple updates like new countertops, cabinet fronts, and energy-efficient appliances, can fetch an average ROI of 72.2%.

Freshening up with Paint

Nothing can transform a home like a fresh coat of paint. Updating the interior paint can rejuvenate the entire space, while a fresh coat on the exterior can boost curb appeal. This is a relatively low-cost home improvement project that often offers a high ROI.

Refurbishing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a desirable feature for most buyers. If you have them, refurbishing them can be a cost-effective way to add more value to your home and increase its appeal.

Introducing New Mirrors

Adding new mirrors, especially in small or dark spaces, can make a big difference by creating a perception of increased space and light. This minor bathroom remodel can be a good investment.

Updating Hardware

Replacing outdated doorknobs, cabinet pulls, and light fixtures with modern hardware can give your home a fresh, updated look. This is a low-cost project that can make a substantial impact.

Exterior Enhancement

Making improvements to your home's exterior not only increases curb appeal but can also deliver a decent ROI. Projects could include power washing the siding, painting the front door, or doing a general tidy up of your home's exterior.

Boosting Appeal with Landscaping

Planting trees, bushes, and flowers out front not only add to your home's curb appeal but also contribute to its value. A neat driveway and low maintenance plants could be just what potential buyers are looking for.

Creating Versatile Spaces

Spaces that serve multiple functions are highly attractive to today's buyers. Consider transforming an unused corner into a home office or creating an entertainment area in your family room.

Utilizing the Attic and Basement

Leaving your attic and basement unfinished is like leaving money on the table. Transforming these areas into usable living spaces, like an extra bedroom or a game room, can significantly increase your home's value.

Modernizing the Bathroom

Bathroom renovations, whether major or minor, can significantly impact your home's resale value. Even simple updates like replacing fixtures or adding a new vanity can make a big difference.

Factors Influencing Resale Value and ROI

Location Matters

The neighborhood in which your home is located can have a significant impact on its resale value. This is largely because the amenities, school districts, and community culture of your neighborhood greatly influence potential buyers' perception of your home's worth. As such, it's always a good idea to research local trends and consult a local realtor. They can provide insights into what kind of home improvements are most sought after in your area and thus will provide the most value. For example, if most homes in your neighborhood have energy-efficient features, adding such features to your home may increase its appeal to potential buyers.

Geographical Considerations

The geographical region where your home is located can also play a substantial part in determining the ROI of your remodeling projects. Each region has its unique lifestyle, climate, and housing preferences which can influence the types of home improvements that add the most value. For example, adding a swimming pool might yield a high ROI in a warmer region, but not in a colder one. What works in one region might not yield the same return in another. It's essential to understand these regional preferences and plan your home improvement projects accordingly.

Market Fluctuations

The ever-changing real estate market is another factor that can significantly impact your ROI for home improvements. During a seller's market, where demand exceeds supply, even simple improvements can significantly boost your home's value. On the other hand, during a buyer's market, when supply exceeds demand, buyers may be more selective, and high-value improvements may become more important. It's essential to consider the current state of the market, its potential future trends, and how these dynamics might impact the value of your planned home renovation projects.

Project Timeline

The timeline of your home improvement projects can also impact your ROI. If you plan to sell your home in the near future, it might be best to focus on improvements that will provide immediate value and are relatively quick to complete. For example, a fresh coat of paint or a general tidy up can make a big difference in a short amount of time. On the other hand, if you plan to stay in your home for several years, you might consider more significant improvements, like a kitchen or bathroom remodel, that can add substantial value over time.

Anticipating Unexpected Expenses

Finally, when embarking on any remodeling project, it's important to anticipate unexpected expenses and issues. These could include costs related to unexpected repairs, changes to the project plan, or delays in construction. Such unforeseen events can escalate costs and, subsequently, impact your ROI. To mitigate the potential impact of these issues, it's wise to factor in a contingency fund in your budget. This will help you cover any unexpected costs without causing undue stress or delaying your project.

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